Add a little ADD into the mix

I seem to be emerging from my latest bout of apathy towards my degree, spurred on by the updating of my transcript. Up until recently, it still factored-in last year’s abysmal attempt at Environmental Chemistry, and subsequently displayed my aggregation score as low, thus equating to an overall fail. Even though I knew this to be inaccurate, it still had an effect on how I viewed my progress. Eventually, I asked for it to be updated and, to my surprise, I am doing better than expected. My current coursework results are on a par with an upper second, a lovely 2:1, which has given my academic confidence a boost.

One area I am finding challenging, is using Excel. It’s supposed to be simple but to me it’s like learning a new language – again – as I did a lot of data manipulation using it last year, but for the life of me, I cannot remember how. If anyone knows of any simple graphing software or data manipulation software other than Excel, please feel free to recommend it in the comments section below.

A recent development is that there’s a good chance I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I seem to fit the profile. My GP sent me off to a clinic who then referred me to the adult ADHD service but unfortunately, they have a six month waiting list, which means I should get an appointment roundabout exam time. I’m also scheduled for surgery shortly after, too, so I’m a little afraid that I might miss the chance of a consultation. Without an official diagnosis, my hands are tied with regards to accessing additional support for that. If I could afford to go private for the sake of a diagnosis, I would. Also, knowing that this can be successfully treated through drug administration is equally as frustrating. To think, there’s a pill out there that could switch my brain into normal mode. How wonderful that would be!

Finally, after receiving feedback for a piece of coursework with the suggestion that I revise the topic of graph equations (one cannot revise something one hasn’t learned, and that’s not to suggest I haven’t been taught it. I have. Several times), I decided to create my own cover sheet, pointing out that I have an SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulty) and to consider this when offering feedback, with a link to the British Dyslexia Association’s page on dyscalculia. The disability service at the university don’t regard dyscalculia as warranting a cover sheet, unlike dyslexia, which I think is wrong.

I would love to converse with other individuals with dyscalculia, particularly those working in the physical sciences. If you happen to be one, drop me a line!


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