When the cogs grind to a halt

These past few weeks have been almost unbearable. The deadlines came all at once and, coupled with additional life stresses such as having to find somewhere to live mid-April (not easy when you have a cat and require the assistance of the welfare state at some point in the near future, to make ends meet whilst recovering from surgery). Needless to say, my brain shut down. Thankfully, the department I’m under at university are massively supportive, even though I still haven’t been given an official diagnosis for ADD. They are ‘drip-feeding’ me the work. All I have to deal with are one-to-two pieces of work at a time, and when they’re done, they’ll tell me what to do next. My GP has prescribed me Citalopram, believing this will help me to order my thoughts into fragments so that I might be able to prioritise more effectively, as a stop-gap until I get medication for ADHD. He also gave me a five day course of Zopiclone, so that I might correct my disordered sleeping patterns. I’ve had two nights solid, deep, undisturbed sleep – it’s been lovely.

I also found this this forum which has a wealth of information and is designed as a peer-to-peer support forum for adults with ADHD.

The sleeping pills have made a huge difference to my resolve. Never underestimate the importance of sleep!


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