Strengths and weaknesses

It’s taking me a while to convince myself that I’m not stupid because I can’t plot a graph. More accurately, that my ambition to be a research scientist is not stupid because I can’t plot a graph! It takes me all my time to get the scale on the axes (if that is indeed the plural of ‘axis’) correct, let alone plot the data. As for graphing software or other data processing software, well again, that involves having to command it in that weird, alien language that evades my comprehension. But how many papers have you read that are published by just one author (aside from the pseudo-science, non-peer reviewed plethora of toss that is out there)? We all have skills we can bring to the table. I can think outside the box and have a keen eye for detail. I like order. Regimented order. When time is not of the essence, I can follow a plan to the letter. I’m very thorough like that. I like lab work because accuracy and precision are my forte. I also like to do these tasks alone so that no-one brings chaos to my order, which can be something as simple and meaningless as not putting the little cuvette of de-ionised water back in the spectrophotometer ready for next time. I am not motivated by money or other trappings of a successful career. My motivation is imagining the day when I have access to a lab – day and night – set up exactly how I want it, with everything in it’s place. My fastidious, practical brain will be matched by someone’s fastidious, mathematical brain and the combined efforts will yield beautiful results.

Dreaming – that’s another one of my ‘talents’.




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