I Caught Myself Doing It!

That’s progress. I caught myself going off down the research rabbit hole, moving further away from the topic and even further away from finding the information I need to complete the assignment I’d set myself. That’s how I get overwhelmed with information, and turn simple tasks into major events that loom over me like imposing […]

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Signs of Life

In 2013, during my access course in Leeds, I started to grow stuff. Mostly chillies but also heirloom tomatoes and herbs. I took some of my chilli plants to university with me but sadly they didn’t survive my absence when I went into hospital, succumbing to those pesky Scariad flies. A shame, as they had […]

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Has It Really Been Six Months?

I cannot believe I have not updated this blog since November! It’s no wonder traffic is thin on the ground. My last update was a mixed bag of overdue and pending deadlines, disorganisation and financial woes. Well, I carried on in that vain for several weeks until it all came to a head, and on […]

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